Nanotechnology and Functional Materials

Our Nanotechnology and Functional Materials’ researchers seek to explore, understand and engineer materials at the nano level.

Nanotechnology and Functional Materials

Our work spans a wide variety of projects related to nanomaterials synthesis. Some of their particular areas of focus include:

  • nanomaterials and nanoporous materials for new energy technologies
  • nanostructured materials for high-performance lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
  • nanostructured non-precious metal and metal-free electrocatalysts for sustainable clean energy generation.

We are also investigating:

  • solar fuel generation
  • catalyst material for green ammonia production
  • theories for electrocatalytic energy conversion processes based on computational chemistry calculations.

Our research in Nanotechnology and Functional Materials is of relevance to companies and organisations—in both industry and government—involved in:

  • renewable energy generation
  • renewable energy storage
  • health (medical implants, antimicrobial surfaces, biosensors)
  • environmental protection (clean water, clean air, gas sensors)
  • agriculture (fertilisers, soil remediation)
  • electronics (antennas, electromagnetic shielding)
  • construction materials
  • additive manufacturing (3D and 2D printing).

Research impact

Our Nanotechnology and Functional Materials researchers aim to:

  • achieve accurate materials design for different purposes
  • understand and link materials’ apparent performance to their intrinsic properties, such as molecular structure and chemical composition 
  • generate value-added products.

Our expertise in these pursuits has enabled us to create, for example:

  • enhanced battery materials
  • materials and solutions for renewable energy generation
  • a vast nanomaterials ‘knowledge bank’.

Our researchers

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervision for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students.

Research team Expertise
Professor Shizhang Qiao  
Professor Dusan Losic  
Professor Bo Jin  
Dr Abel Santos  
Dr Diana Tran  
Dr Yan Jiao  
Dr Yao Zhang  
Dr Jingrun Ran  
Dr Bo You  
Dr Deepak Dubal  
Dr Tran Tung  
Dr Ken Davey  

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