Optimisation and Logistics

Our Optimisation and Logistics research group applies specialised computing techniques to solve complex and restrained process-optimisation problems, and enhance efficiencies.

optimisation and logistics

These methods can be applied in any industry. For example, to: 

  • plan delivery trucks’ daily routes
  • assist with long-term mining decisions
  • design wind turbines and farms
  • customise program code for energy consumption.

Techniques central to the group’s research include: 

  • linear programming
  • ‘branch and bound’ algorithm design
  • genetic algorithms
  • evolution strategies
  • genetic programming
  • ant colony optimisation
  • particle swarm optimisation
  • local search
  • other related approaches.

Research impact

Our research group aims to analyse and theorise heuristic methods, and apply such algorithms to solve an array of real-world problems. This includes in relation to:

  • integrated planning
  • scheduling decision-support systems relating to supply-chain operations
  • developing new algorithms for renewable energy and software engineering
  • mechanism design and social choice
  • developing new approaches for dealing with game theoretic problems.

We focus on: 

  • constraint-handling techniques
  • multi-objectivity
  • dynamic environments.

Our Optimisation and Logistics group’s research has had far-reaching impact. It led, for example, to team member Emeritus Professor Zbigniew Michalewicz founding the following companies:

  • NuTech Solutions, which creates technology solutions to predict business changes and help companies prepare for them
  • SolveIT Software (acquired by Schneider Electric), which uses artificial intelligence to manage complex operations
  • Complexica, which develops artificial intelligence software to help organisations increase revenue, margin and productivity through automated analytics.

The group is also prevalent in the electromagnetic domain, addressing inverse soil-quality-measurement problems.

Our researchers

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervision for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students. To enquire about consulting services or working with us on a research project, please contact the researchers listed below.

Research team Expertise
Professor Frank Neumann  
Dr Maria-Yaneli Ameca-Alducin Optimisation and logistics; Machine learning and artificial intelligence; Software engineering
Dr Bradley Alexander Optimisation and logistics; Software engineering; Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Dr Wanru (Kelly) Gao  
Dr Mingyu Guo  
Dr Aneta Neumann Optimisation and logistics
Dr Mojgan Pourhassan Optimisation and logistics
Dr Markus Wagner Optimisation and logistics; Software engineering; Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Adjunct appointments  
Professor Emeritus Zbigniew Michalewicz  
Professor Kenneth De Jong  
Professor Tobias Friedrich  
Professor Marc Schoenauer  
Dr Mohammad Reza Bonyadi  
Dr Adam Ghandar  
Matthew Michalewicz  

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