Safer Vehicles

Our Safer Vehicles research group identifies opportunities to improve vehicle designs in order to prevent or minimise harm resulting from road use, including to pedestrians and cyclists.

Safer Vehicles

We consider improvements to both material design and technological features in all road-going vehicles—cars, motorcycles and heavy vehicles.

Our research is particularly focused on understanding:

  • how vehicle design and technology, including autonomous vehicles, can improve road safety
  • how vehicle safety technologies will operate in real traffic situations and identifying their limitations
  • how safety technology uptake throughout the general vehicle fleet will affect overall safety.

Our vehicle safety research ultimately benefits all road users, and is of immediate relevance to companies, organisations and government bodies working in:

  • vehicle safety design
  • safety system performance tuning
  • safety system ratings
  • understanding safety systems’ limitations (coverage gaps)
  • fleet vehicle purchasing policies.

Research impact

We aim to understand, and inform the industry, how:

  • vehicle safety systems perform in real-world situations and where they make significant improvements
  • differing interpretations of driver assistance technologies and automation could affect road users and policy 
  • crashes may still occur.

Our expertise in these pursuits has contributed significantly to improving Australian-sold vehicles’ pedestrian protection, and highlighting the safety potential of systems such as:

  • electronic stability control
  • intelligent speed adaptation
  • forward collision avoidance.

Our researchers 

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervison for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students. 

Research team Expertise
Dr Jamie Mackenzie Vehicle technologies; Data analysis; Modelling and simulation
Giulio Ponte Smart cities; Active travel modes; Traffic management
Sam Doecke Speed and crash risk; Crash reconstruction; Event data recorders
Martin Elsegood Crash investigation; Crash reconstruction; Vehicle dynamics

Contact us 

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