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Faculty Research

The Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences has a fine reputation for innovative research across a wide range of fields.

Our academic staff include world leaders in their disciplines, who actively contribute to solving real-world problems through their research. Many of the University's technological breakthroughs have formed the basis of independent companies with university shareholding or joint venture agreements with industry both in Australia and overseas.

Research Stories

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Graphene Hub

The University of Adelaide will take a lead national role in graphene-based advanced materials, with research and development that will benefit a range of industries.

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Defence and security

The University has worked extensively over many years with the Department of Defence and defence organisations as a research partner.


  • Research Centres and Institutes

    The University has established a number of world-class research institutes and centres in partnership with government and industry. They bring together world-leading researchers, supported by modern infrastructure and an innovative culture, to tackle state and national research priorities. In addition, the Faculty leads participation in two Federal Government funded Co-operative Research Centres and is a founding member of the multi-university Defence Systems Innovation Centre.

    These research entities include:

  • Research Facilities

    Through its research collaborations, the Faculty has assisted public and private organisations by providing expert consultants and access to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that may not otherwise be available.

    Some of these facilities include:

    • Acoustic test chambers and noise and vibration testing equipment
    • Anechoic chamber
    • Coal research laboratory
    • Combustion laboratory
    • Cyclonic test station
    • Drilling fluid laboratory
    • Engine test cells
    • Fluids laboratory
    • Geotechnical engineering laboratory
    • Hydraulic engineering laboratory
    • Laser research laboratories
    • Mining engineering laboratory
    • Oil and gas test/simulator well
    • Rock properties laboratory
    • Solar simulation
    • Structural engineering laboratories
    • T-Ray laboratory
    • Virtual reality facility
    • Water tunnels
    • Wind tunnels, large and small scale

    For further information, visit the School and Research Centre websites.

  • Research by School

    Australian School of Petroleum

    The Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) is one of the largest petroleum-focused university programs in the Southern Hemisphere and the only institution world-wide offering fully integrated research and teaching programs covering petroleum geoscience, engineering and management. The majority of our research leaders have strong, international industry links or backgrounds, ensuring that our research is up-to-date and relevant. ASP staff play leading roles in the research activities of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). Performing internationally competitive applied research with the overall aim of understanding and reducing risk for the petroleum industry, the ASP's research is supported by a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art facilities, including the 3D visualisation centre. Learn more

    Chemical Engineering

    The School of Chemical Engineering boasts a vibrant and dynamic research team that undertakes cutting edge research of both fundamental and applied natures in three main areas: nano and materials engineering, bio and pharmaceutical engineering and clean and sustainable engineering. Developing the highest quality interdisciplinary programs of teaching and research, the School of Chemical Engineering aims to inspire confidence in the ability to learn, and educate chemical engineers to play leading roles across a range of industries and innovations. Learn more

    Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

    Delivering award-winning research of an international standard, the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering offers exceptional postgraduate opportunities to conduct important and interesting research into a variety of engineering issues. The School's three research concentrations investigate water systems, civil structures and mining and geostatistics across a wide variety of research themes. Learn more

    Computer Science

    The School of Computer Science undertakes a wide range of cutting edge research activities with highly qualified and experienced academic staff supervising a large number of Masters and PhD students. Possessing a strong research ethos, the School is prominent in the areas of computer vision, distributed and high performance computing, Internet computing, web technologies, evolutionary systems, algorithms, software architectures and computer science education. Producing real, internationally recognised commercial outcomes, the School's researchers construct and use an array of rare and unique computing resources. Learn more

    Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has a strong research focus with staff and students active in a wide variety of projects. The School's vision is to increase the scale and impact of world-class research undertaken to provide the highest quality PhD supervision. Research activities span the strategically chosen areas of sensing and processing and sustainable energy, with the School's internationally prominent academic staff actively contributing to real-world problems through consulting and advanced fundamental and applied research. Many of the School's technological breakthroughs form the basis of independent companies with university shareholding or joint venture agreements with industry both in Australia and overseas. Learn more

    Mathematical Sciences

    The School of Mathematical Sciences has a long history of achievement in research and postgraduate education, and a reputation for providing a stimulating and supportive environment. Recognised for excellence in both research and teaching across Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics, staff in the School are Australian leaders in postgraduate research training in these areas. The School is highly respected internationally for its research strengths in geometry and mathematical physics, statistics, stochastic modelling and theoretical and applied mechanics. Learn more

    Mechanical Engineering

    The School of Mechanical Engineering is proud of its long-standing tradition of high quality research and postgraduate student education. Undertaking a range of 'blue-sky' and applied research, the School has developed many new and innovative technologies that have made an impact throughout the world. Research is conducted across a diverse and wide range of areas including fluid mechanics, vibration and control, combustion, robotics and automation, energy technology and acoustics and autonomous systems. Highly skilled technical staff and fully equipped instrumentation, electronics and mechanical workshops support the sophisticated facilities and equipment necessary to sustain the research activities of the School. Learn more

  • Business and Industry

    Dozens of companies across a wide variety of sectors have benefited from working with the University of Adelaide to cultivate new ideas and innovations. Collaborative research projects between industry and universities offer significant scope for the development of new knowledge and practices, new patents, solutions to technical problems and in some cases, the development of new products - all of which can translate into significant economic and social advantages.

    With an outstanding track record that produces real commercial outcomes, we are committed to investing in research excellence and delivering the highest quality results for our local and global community. Learn more

  • Considering a Research Degree?

    Postgraduate research degrees are specialised and research-intensive and based more around one-on-one interactions with a supervisor.

    Our higher degrees by research can help you make an impact in your chosen area of study.

    If you are interested in becoming part of this rich research environment, further information about postgraduate research is available on the University's Postgraduate Research Degrees website.

    To find out more about research opportunities available in each of our schools, contact the relevant Postgraduate Coordinator, and view the links below.

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