Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships

Mining student with teacher

The ASRS program is open to continuing undergraduate students, particularly those in the later years of their Bachelor’s degree who are interested in pursuing research studies in the near future.

The scholarships are designed to foster an interest in research by eligible students who might not have yet considered a career requiring an Honours Degree or Higher Degree by Research. The scholars will work with a research team to stimulate their enthusiasm for advanced study.

Scholarship benefits

Projects and how to apply

  • Duration and funding

    • At least six weeks during the 2019-20 summer vacation
    • Scholarships may be extended to more than six weeks subject to funding availability
    • Each scholarship provides a living allowance of $200 per week paid in two instalments during the six week period.
  • Available projects

    Please review the catalog to see the diverse range of projects being offered by ECMS during this summer vacation period.

    We encourage you to apply for more than one type of research project.

  • Key dates for 2019

    • 8 July – research projects advertised and applications open  
    • 20 September – applications close at 5pm
      Late applications will not be accepted
    • Mid-late November – outcome of applications advised
    • Late November/early December (or as agreed by the project supervisor) – start research project.
  • Testimonials from past participants

    Zizheng Pan, 4th year B. Computer Science 

    Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai: "For me, the most important thing I learned from the summer research scholarship is that research needs enthusiasm and vigor, we need to engage ourselves to solve a complex problem and then need maths to verify the results. When the results come in, all efforts are worth it.”

    Isabelle Greco, 1st year B. Mathematical Science (Advanced)

    “It was unbelievably enjoyable to tackle a problem where there were no answer sheets, no marks and no boundaries. You can really make a project whatever you want it to be, and explore an area you enjoy.”

    Wenxuen Lee, 3rd year B. Engineering (Hons)(Pet) & B. Science

    “The experience was fun and challenging at times. It allowed me to implement my engineering ingenuity and create connections with other people, which is important for engineers and researchers alike.”

    Wahab Al-Kindi, 2nd year B. Engineering (Hons)

    “I took the program at the end of my second year. It has prepared me for a course in my degree called Formation Damage, as the program presented some of the key concepts in this course, as well as solutions to real life problems faced by engineers. Dealing with the lab equipment and machines helps Honours students prior to their program.”

    Yang Xue, 2nd year B. Mathematical Sciences (Adv)

    “The summer research experience lead me to understand deeper the knowledge and techniques I learnt before. And I am happy to have a great opportunity to use this valuable academic knowledge to make the world a better place.”

  • How to apply

    The online application form will be available from Monday 8 July - Friday 20 September.

    1. Complete the application form including the details of the specific project you are applying for
    2. Meet with the project supervisor(s) to discuss the project and a suitable start date, finalise all required information on your application form and obtain the supervisor’s signature of approval
    3. Request for the School Office hosting the project to arrange for the Head of School signature
    4. Keep a copy of your completed application for your own records
    5. Submit your application form(s) by 5pm Friday 20 September to:
      Coursework Scholarships Office
      C/- Ask Adelaide
      Hub Central, Level 3 Blue Area

    Important information

    • Refer to Scholarship rules for applicant eligibility and criteria
    • Application form will be available from Monday 8 July
    • Only complete applications will be considered
    • Please ensure all signatures are obtained before submitting your application(s). You should allow at least 5 business days to obtain signatures.


Project catalog

We are offering a diverse range of scholarship projects across all of our schools, research centres and institutes. We encourage you to apply for more than one type of research project.