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  • Which courses should I enrol in for 2021?

    You should consult your Study Plan to guide enrolments for each year. Any changes to courses or structure are reflected in the plans. You can find your study plan at the ECMS Study Plan webpage.

    You need to follow your study plans as closely as possible as they are designed to ensure you meet your pre-requisite and program requirements.

    The ECMS Degree Check webpage has useful advice and tools to help check your enrolments.

  • How will my courses be delivered in 2021?

    Please check course planner when enrolling to ensure you enrol in the correct version of the tutorial, practical, workshop or lab.

    Most courses will have online/remote and face-to-face options available, either as separate classes or combining both online and face-to-face delivery. You will see these options available by looking at the class details section. For example:

    • Online delivery only
      Location: MyUni, OL, Online Class
      Note: This class is for offshore / remote students only. Please refer to MyUni for details once enrolled.

    • Face-to-face only
      Location: physical location on campus eg Engineering Sth, S112, Teaching Room.
      Note: This class will be delivered face to face.

    • Face-to-face and online combined
      Location: physical location on campus eg Engineering Sth, S112, Teaching Room and MyUni, OL, Online Class
      Note: This class will be delivered both online and face-to-face. Please refer to MyUni for details once enrolled.

    For lectures, there will be either live (and recorded for later viewing) or pre-recorded only options. Again, course planner will provide detail regarding which option is available for your course.

    • Lecture – interactive live version available
      When: specific day / time listed
      Location: MyUni, OL, Online Class
      Note: These lectures are live-streamed and recorded. You have the option of participating during the live-streaming session or any time after they are published in MyUni. Please check MyUni once enrolled for details regarding when lectures will be published.

    • Lecture – pre-recorded version only
      Date, location: This class does not have any timetabled face-to-face sessions. Please check MyUni or contact your Course Coordinator for details.
      Note: These lectures are pre-recorded and can be viewed any time after they are published in MyUni. Please check MyUni once enrolled for details regarding when individual lectures will be published.
  • Can any student take the remote study classes?

    We encourage all students who are able to attend campus to enrol into the face-to-face classes.

    The remote options are available for anyone, but priority will be given to students for whom health or location prohibits face-to-face attendance.

  • I failed a core course, what do I do?

    If you failed a core course, you will need to repeat this course in the following year. If you fail an elective course you have the option of repeating the course or choosing a different elective.

    Please check the course planner to ensure the course was not a pre-requisite to any courses you are set to enrol in for 2021.

    If you need help setting out your study plan in 2021 due to failing a course, please see the ECMS Degree Check Website.

    Further information about the implications of failing a course is available at the Ask Adelaide article: What happens if I fail a course?

  • How do I complete a degree check or study plan?

    The ECMS Degree Check webpage will support you to perform a degree check and create your study plan.

    Once you have created your study plan then you can submit it to Ask ECMS for checking via the same ECMS Degree Check webpage.

    In order for Ask ECMS to complete a degree check for you, you must have already enrolled for 2021.

  • What if I have questions about my study plan?

    The Study Plans are found online at the ECMS Study Plan webpage.

    The ECMS Degree Check webpage can also support you to create your study plan. If you still are not sure what to enrol in, please enrol into what you think is correct and submit your plan to Ask ECMS for checking via the same ECMS Degree Check webpage.

  • I'm an offshore student, how do I know which classes to enrol in?

    You should follow your study plan as normal - but also check to ensure your course is available for remote delivery. You can check all university courses via the Courses available with mode of delivery document.

    For ECMS students, we have attempted to make as many courses available as possible. The courses not available for remote study are:

    • All Internship and Exchange courses
    • ELEC ENG 4080 – Mobile Phone Forensic Process and Analysis  
    • ELEC ENG 7010 – Mobile Phone Forensic Process and Analysis  
    • CEME 7000 – Special Topic Civil, Structural, Environmental and Mining Engineering

    Information on how a course is delivered can also be found by searching the course in Course Planner, and a summary of the different delivery options is in the "How will my courses be delivered in 2021?" information above.

    If any required courses are unavailable to you, please contact

  • I have a timetable clash, need to enrol in a full class or would like to overload: what do I do?

    If you have a timetable clash, or have attempted to enrol in a full (closed) class, check in course planner for another class date/time for that course. There are often multible options. If you are unable to choose another date/time, you can fill in the Timetable Clash or Full Class form.

    If you would like to overload, you will need to apply using the Unit Overload form.

    All forms submitted by Tuesday 15 December 2020 will be processed before the university shutdown (18 Dec - 10 Jan).

    Submissions during the shutdown will be processed as soon as possible from Monday 11 January 2021.

  • I'm an international student who has applied for an Internal Transfer. When will I know if I am successful?

    Internal transfer applicants will be able to have their accepted offers processed after grades are released.

    If there are any delays, they will be processed upon our return from Monday 11 January 2021. You will still have enough time to organise your CoE and Visa, and enrol.


Grades and results

  • When can I view my final grades?

    Final grades for Semester 1 2021 primary exams will be published online on MyAdelaide.

  • What is the difference between a Replacement Exam and Additional Assessment, and how do I know if I have one?

    Replacement examinations are offered on medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances - you would have applied for and been approved via email. You must check the day and time via MyAdelaide.

    Additional assessment is a supplementary exam or assignment offered to students at the discretion of the Course Coordinator, you cannot apply for an additional assessment. If you are granted one, it will appear under your mark in MyAdelaide as a small blue note saying "Additional Assessment - All Papers". You should study for and sit this exam. You must check the day and time via MyAdelaide > Exam Times. If you are offered a supplementary assignment, you should contact the Course Coordinator.

  • What is a result pending (RP) grade?

    An RP grade stands for 'result pending' and is a holding grade until your final grade is released.

  • How do I review my exam?

    If you would like to review your exam for a course, please make sure you first check its MyUni page. Many courses have posted general exam feedback, and others have made specific arrangements for exam viewings. If your course didn’t have these feedback opportunities, you can request to review your exam script.

    The Exam Viewing Request form is available from the Forms and Policies website. Please complete and email to with the email subject: Student ID – Exam Viewing Request (eg. a123456 – Exam Viewing Request).

    Note: Exam viewing will not occur until after the start of Semester 2 2021. The marks allocated will not be varied unless it is clear that an error in marking has been made. Viewing of the paper is not be an opportunity to negotiate additional marks. If you believe an error has occurred, you must demonstrate this clearly to the examiner.

  • When will my replacement exam grade be released?

    Semester 1 2021 Replacement Exam results will be published online via MyAdelaide.

    Your grades displayed is your final grade – if it is the same as your original grade this means the replacement exam result did not improve your overall result, and your original score remains.

    If you have issues regarding your final grade, please email with the subject title "Grade Issue".

  • How do I apply for a PNG?

    A PNG (Pass Non-Graded) means you have passed the course, met the learning outcomes and achieved units of study to contribute to your degree completion. A PNG grade has no value applied, so it will not contribute to your GPA calculation. You can apply via the PNG Request Form.

    Note: the deadline for application for Semester 2 PNG is Tuesday 5 January 2021.

  • What happens if I have failed this semester?

    The University will convert all Fail grades to Withdraw No Fail* (WNF*).

    The following statement will be added to academic transcripts for students who received a WNF* due to a grading adjustment: "Withdraw No Fail* awarded during COVID-19 in 2020 was an approved academic adjustment".

    Note: Fail grades associated with an Academic Dishonesty breach will stand.

  • What is a Zoom Invigilated Exam and do I have to do one?

    Where there are fewer than 10 students in a course unable to attend in person due to COVID-19 restrictions (with some exceptions to meet accreditation requirements), these students will be set an alternative assessment in lieu of the invigilated written (paper) examination.

    Alternative assessments may include an essay, written report etc. but not an online, un-invigilated and open-resource examination. In ECMS a Zoom Invigilated Exam may be used as an alternative assessment.

    You will be contacted via your student email if you are expected to sit a Zoom Invigilated Exam.

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Credit applications

  • How do I apply for credit?

    To apply for credit, please use the Academic Credit Application Form available on the ECMS Forms and Policies webpage.

    Once complete, please email with the attachments requested in the form.

    In the meantime, please enrol as you think is correct and we can assist with amending your enrolment if we need to once we have the outcome for your application.

  • I've applied, when will I receive my outcome?

    Ask ECMS will forward your application to the relevant academic/s for assessment and then advise you of the outcome via email.

    We endeavour to have an outcome for you in approximately 2 weeks.