Degree Check

The online Degree Check form is available at times throughout the year for students who require guidance in relation to their enrolment.

You can obtain a degree check to ensure you have completed the right courses according to the academic program rules or to find out your eligibility for completion of your program.

Internal transfers

If you have recently applied for an internal transfer, you do not need to use the Degree Check form. Upon being successful in your transfer, the Ask ECMS team will provide you with a degree check as a part of the internal transfer process.

Graduating students

If you have recently applied to graduate, you do not need to use the Degree Check form. The Ask ECMS team performs graduation checks at specified times of the year. All students with a current application to graduate will be advised of their eligibility via status letters in Access Adelaide.

The Degree Check form will be available via this web page during the following periods:

For semester 1 enrolments  
Open 10 January
Close 8 March
For semester 2 enrolments  
Open 2 July
Close 9 August

Degree Check form