Alternative Assessments in Response to COVID-19

We have developed several alternative assessment options to enable students completing academic course requirements to meet the internship requirement and therefore graduate on time.

In response to COVID-19 restrictions impacting student’s ability to obtain and complete the compulsory internship requirement of engineering programs – these options ensure the professional development and competency demonstration requirements (and associated time commitment) are met.

What are the internship alternative assessment options?

The below table is a summary of the alternative assessment options available to Engineering students. More detail for each is listed below the table.


1. Self-assessment survey

Available now.

Self-assessment survey 1 week 1 week

2. Career readiness reflective report

Available now.

Self-assessment survey
4000 word report
None Up to 4 weeks
Self-assessment survey
6000 word report
None 5 or 6 weeks

3. Employment offer (special circumstances only)

Available now.

Self-assessment survey
2000-3000 word reflective report
Employment contract
All remaining weeks All remaining weeks

Internship alternative assessment – detailed summary

  • 1. Self-assessment survey

    Students will reflect on experiences during study against the list of Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies. They will rate their employability skills and map out their development by summarising: lessons learnt, skills gained, and consideration of how future experiences will align with career goals.

    Students who require only 1 week of Engineering or General credit will complete and submit the survey only.

    Self-Assessment Survey Template  Self-assessment survey guidelines

  • 2. Career readiness reflective report

    Students are required to research a company of their choice that they would like to consider as a potential future employer and write a report focusing on the company’s culture, mission, projects, values, achievements and competitors. In summary, they will reflect on their personal career readiness based on how their skills and abilities align with the company and individual career direction.

    Available for General Internship credit only.

    Career Readiness reflective report template  Career Readiness reflective report guidelines

  • 3. Employment offer (special circumstances only)

    For students in these special circumstances, work experience requirements can be satisfied by a reflective report (2000 – 3000 words) providing overarching responses to how their prospective job offer will address the EA Stage 1 competencies. The arrangement will only apply for the term the alternative experiences are being offered and a legal, signed contract of employment must verify employment for a continuing or extended fixed-term contract in an Engineering role.

    Available for Engineering and General internships.

    Employment Contract Report Template  Employment Contract Report Guidelines


  • How do I select and start an alternative assessment?

    The Internship Assessment Table above outlines the options available and the process required to access and complete that assessment.

    Please note:

    • Some require us to make arrangements with the relevant school/academic. 

    The type and scale of assessment required will depend on your individual circumstances, including consideration of:

    • Personal preference
    • Urgency of completion (not all options are currently available)
    • Type of internship required (general or engineering)
    • Amount of outstanding weeks / hours.
  • I have completed some or all of my internship – what should I do?

    The alternative assessment options are only for students who have been unable to obtain an internship  with a host organisation, or have not completed all 12 weeks. If you have completed:

    • All weeks – follow the assessment process as usual
    • Some weeks – submit using the assessment process for all the weeks completed, and select an alternative assessment to meet the additional weeks required

    More information regarding submission is on the Engineering Internships page under After Your Experience.

  • I have transitioned or completed all my internship remotely (virtually) – will this be counted?

    We are able to recognise internships that have included a remote component. 

    More information regarding submission is on the Engineering Internships page under After Your Experience.

  • Are these options available to all students?

    No – the current arrangements with Engineers Australia only apply to our 2021 graduating cohort.

    This means you must have already, or expect to complete all course requirements in 2021. Therefore, only students processed during the 2021 graduations rounds will be eligible to submit these alternative assessments.

    Note: for students completing double degrees you must complete all courses from both engineering and the other degree before you can graduate. 

  • How do I submit the alternative assessment?

    All completed assessments are submitted to Ask ECMS via You will be notified of the outcome via email.

  • What are the deadlines?

    For Semester 1, 2021 conferral you must submit your Alternative Assessment Practical Experience submission by 4 June 2021

    For Semester 2, 2021 conferral must submit by 29 October 2021.

  • Will this disadvantage me academically or professionally?

    Our academics have worked closely with Engineers Australia to ensure all options meet their professional competency requirements and to ensure graduating students remain recognised and accredited. 

  • What if COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact my access to internship opportunities – will these options be extended?

    We will continue to monitor the situation, engage with students, and work with Engineers Australia to ensure any ongoing impact is considered and if needed some/all of these options extended beyond 2021.

    For now, the alternative assessment options are only available to students completing (or already completed) coursework requirements in 2021. For those who will be studying in 2022 and beyond, our recommendation is to seek and complete the typical internship with a host organisation following the requirements outlined on the Engineering Internships page. We continue to be approached by organisations interested in offering internships – these will continue to be promoted via CareerHub and this remains the best place to look for advertised positions.