Life on Campus

We want your time with us to be a rewarding, life-changing experience, filled with opportunities to challenge, transform and expand your mind, attitude, beliefs and social connections.

Students at the University of Adelaide

To ensure that experience eventuates—and you graduate equipped to make an impact on the world—we offer a comprehensive range of on-campus programs, sporting and cultural outlets, and administrative and support services.

Support services

With the excitement of university life comes the challenge of managing its demands—academically, socially and personally. To help you stay on top, we provide a wealth of student support services, including:

Every member of our community has the right to feel safe, welcome and respected

We are proud of our faculty's diversity and committed to providing an inclusive and safer campus community for everyone.

We support gender equity and diversity and provide professional development opportunities for young women in STEM degrees through our Women in STEM Careers Program.

The University's ALLY Network provides support and advocacy to people who identify as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ). The Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences has a number of staff and students who are ALLY Network members. You too can become a member or register for an ALLY Training Workshop.

University study can be a challenge and even more so if you have a disability or condition that you need to manage as well. The University’s Disability Support service can help you manage ways to accommodate your disability, so you can focus your energies towards your studies.

Wirltu Yarlu provides a range of support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and its Student Services Officers can assist you during your time at University.

Find out more about the University’s student support services.

Finding casual employment and work experience

Need a casual job or work experience while you’re studying? The AUU also provides an employment service, including an online job vacancies board and support with resume writing and interview preparation.

Adelaide University Union

The Adelaide University Union (AUU) is an organisation run by students for students, and provides for almost every aspect of your life on campus. This includes advocacy for academic matters, assistance with Centrelink, subsidised housing, legal advice and more. For further information, visit Student Care.

Adelaide University Sport

Adelaide University Sport is the sole provider of sport and active recreation on-campus, with an extensive range of sporting facilities and sport clubs.

Clubs and student societies

Joining a club is a great way to meet people, share your interests and make friends on-campus. As a Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences student, some clubs you might want to check out include the: