Alternative Assessments in Response to COVID-19

We have developed several alternative assessment options to enable students completing academic course requirements to meet the practical experience requirement and therefore graduate on time.

In response to COVID-19 restrictions impacting student’s ability to obtain and complete the compulsory practical experience requirement of engineering programs – these options ensure the professional development and competency demonstration requirements (and associated time commitment) are met.

What are the practical experience alternative assessment options?

The below table is a summary of the 5 alternative assessment options available to Engineering students. More detail for each is listed below the table.


1. Internship report

  • Virtual internships
  • Face-to-face internships
  • Combination Virtual + Face-to-face internships

Available now.

3 part summary includes:
500 word reflection on experiences and alignment with EA Stage 1 competencies
Up to 3 weeks Up to 3 weeks
3 part summary includes:
1000 word reflection on experiences and alignment with EA Stage 1 competencies
4 to 6 weeks 4 to 6 weeks
3 part summary includes:
1500 word reflection on experiences and alignment with EA Stage 1 competencies
7 to 12 weeks None

2. Self-assessment survey

Available now.

Self-assessment survey 1 week 1 week

3. Literature review

No longer available.

Self-assessment survey
4000 word lit. review
Up to 4 weeks None
Self-assessment survey
6000 word lit. review
5 or 6 weeks None
Self-assessment survey
8000 word lit. review
7 or 8 weeks None
Self-assessment survey
10000 word lit. review
10 – 12 weeks None

4. Career readiness reflective report

Available now.

Self-assessment survey
4000 word report
None Up to 4 weeks
Self-assessment survey
6000 word report
None 5 or 6 weeks

5. Employment offer (special circumstances only)

Available now.

Self-assessment survey
2000-3000 word reflective report
Employment contract
All remaining weeks All remaining weeks

PE alternative assessment – detailed summary

  • 1. Internship report

    Students will reflect on their experiences and duties undertaken as part of a traditional face-to-face or virtual internship (or combination of both). The report will detail how the internship assisted in the development of the EA Stage 1 Competencies. All 3 experiences will require appropriate supervision by a qualified Engineer if engineering credit is being sought, and the assessment is the same regardless of whether the experience is virtual or face-to-face.

    Available for General or Engineering credit.

    Students can submit now using the Practical Experience Approval form as usual.

    Practice Experience Approval form

  • 2. Self-assessment survey

    Students will reflect on experiences during study against the list of Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies. They will rate their employability skills and map out their development by summarising; lessons learnt, skills gained, and consideration of how future experiences will align with career goals. Students submitting the Practical Experience Approval form for assessment are not required to complete the survey. For all other submissions, it forms part of the assessment.

    Students who require only 1 week of Engineering or General credit will complete and submit the survey only.

    Self-Assessment Survey Template  Self-assessment survey guidelines

  • 3. Literature review

    Students will choose a topic from the list of Honours projects available in their School (must be different to the Honours project they are assigned to) and complete a full literature review with word count and references adjusted according to how many weeks credit is required. A minimum level of supervision of 1-hour per week for engineering work experience is required.

    Available for Engineering PE credit only.

    This option is no longer available.

  • 4. Career readiness reflective report

    Students are required to research a company of their choice that they would like to consider as a potential future employer and write a report focusing on the company’s culture, mission, projects, values, achievements and competitors. In summary, they will reflect on their personal career readiness based on how their skills and abilities align with the company and individual career direction.

    Available for General PE credit only.

    Career Readiness reflective report template  Career Readiness reflective report guidelines

  • 5. Employment offer (special circumstances only)

    For students in these special circumstances, work experience requirements can be satisfied by a reflective report (2000 – 3000 words) providing overarching responses to how their prospective job offer will address the EA Stage 1 competencies. The arrangement will only apply for the term the alternative experiences are being offered and a legal, signed contract of employment must verify employment for a continuing or extended fixed-term contract in an Engineering role.

    Available for Engineering and General credit.

    Employment Contract Report Template  Employment Contract Report Guidelines