Course approval process

This page outlines the process for obtaining course approvals if you’re applying for an overseas exchange—with a partner or non-partner institution—study tour, placement or internship.

Seven simple steps

  1. Download a copy of the University’s course approval form (right click on the link and select File > Download as > Excel sheet).
  2. Name the form: ‘<Your Student ID> Course Approval Form <Month> <Year>’.
  3. Fill out the course information (including subject area and course codes) and email it to your school’s Academic Course Advisor via the school office, along with any supporting course information and documentation (use the Subject header: <Your Student ID> Course Approval Global Experience). Each school’s office contact details are listed below.
  4. If the course advisor wishes to meet with you to discuss options, they may make an appointment with you. If not, they will email the form directly back to on your behalf.
  5. Fill out your application for faculty approval via the Study Overseas online application system. Where you are asked to 'provide course information', for the purposes of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences it’s sufficient to state 'Details as per course approval form' (the system won't let you leave it blank).
  6. Indicate you’re ready to receive faculty approval at the appropriate question. A student advisor from the faculty will review your application and, all being well, approve it.
  7. You’ll be required to enrol in exchange courses that cover your studies while on exchange. These will be advised to you.

School office contact details

School Telephone Email
Australian School of Petroleum 8313 4299
School of Chemical Engineering 8313 5446
School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering 8313 5451
School of Computer Science 8313 5586
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 8313 5277
School of Mathematical Sciences 8313 5407
School of Mechanical Engineering 8313 5460