Study Plans

Study plans are a useful guide to help plan your enrolments each year. You can find your study plan below listed under your school.

You will find undergraduate engineering study plans divided into 2019 commencer study plans and pre-2019 commencer study plans. This is because from semester 1 2019, undergraduate Engineering degrees are changing with new curriculum being rolled out over the next four years (only Level 1 / first-year is available in 2019).

  • 2019 commencer (new student) study plans are for all new undergraduate Engineering students, including those who have received 9 units of credit (or less)
  • Pre-2019 commencer (returning student) study plans are for all returning undergraduate Engineering students or new students who have received more than 9 units of credit. For more information, please see the Curriculum Changes website.

Please note that postgraduate study plans are located at the bottom of the page.

For more advice on how to enrol correctly, please see the ECMS Enrolment website.

Download your 2019/2020 commencer (new student) study plans here.

Download your 2019 study plans here.