Flexible Entry and Engineering Pathway

If you don’t meet the prerequisites for direct entry into your chosen University of Adelaide engineering degree—or are not sure what area of engineering you’d like to focus on—we offer alternative entry options.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway

This is the ideal choice if you know what engineering discipline you’d ultimately like to study, but: haven’t completed high-school Specialist Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry; and/or fell short of that specialist degree’s required Selection Rank. 

To enter, you just need a Selection Rank of 70 or above and to have successfully completed Mathematical Methods (or equivalent). Then once you’re in, our Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences staff will help you select the right combination of preparatory courses to ensure a successful transition into your target specialist engineering degree after 12 months.

Engineering Pathway Program

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Flexible Entry

If you’re still not sure what area of engineering you’d like to focus on, our flexible-entry option is the perfect first step. This 12-month program will introduce you to a variety of engineering disciplines, enabling you to make an informed choice about your career direction—without adding any additional time to your degree.

You’ll undertake six foundation courses, along with two electives chosen from the following engineering streams: mechanical; electrical and electronic; civil; mining; architectural; chemical; petroleum; pharmaceutical; or software.
At the completion of the academic year, you’ll then be able to transfer into your preferred specialist Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) single, double or combined degree, ready for second-year.

Flexible Entry

Entry pathways

Haven’t completed year 12, taken a gap year, don't have formal qualifications or looking to return to study after having a break? There is a pathway for you.

Entry Pathways