Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers design and launch aircraft and equipment to help explore our solar system and beyond—and their future prospects are equally vast.

Rocket and shuttle launch

Aerospace engineering is focused on the development and use of advanced new technologies and materials. The aeronautical, space and defence industries are areas of particular focus, but their work is relevant and of value for virtually all high-technology sectors.

You can major in Aerospace Engineering in our:

A major enables you to complete a series of courses within your degree in an area you wish to specialise in. In the case of Aerospace Engineering, the major will prepare you for opportunities in the aerospace field through courses in aeronautical engineering, space vehicle design and aerospace structures.

We also offer a range of other engineering degrees

Careers in aerospace

As an aerospace engineer you could find yourself working for aircraft manufacturers, defence, telecommunications or even satellite technology companies on the design, manufacture and innovation of aircraft, spacecraft and associated technology. This could involve you undertaking a range of functions, from assisting with aerodynamics and flight testing, to improving fuel efficiency and safety. 

Set on engineering but don’t meet the entry requirements?

We want to ensure everyone with a passion for engineering can pursue it. So if you don’t have the prerequisites to directly enter an engineering degree with us, but do have an ATAR of 70 or above, consider our engineering pathway program. Successfully completing it will guarantee you a place in your preferred Adelaide engineering degree. Find out more about the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway.