Data and Decision Sciences

Data and Decision Sciences provides the skills required to capture and analyse data and apply mathematics in order to understand the world and inform decisions.

Data and decision scientists combine mathematics — primarily probability and optimisation, statistics and computation — with critical problem-solving skills. They apply data-driven insights to inform decision-making in a wide range of industries.

data and decision sciences

You can major in Data and Decision Sciences in our:

A major enables you to complete a series of courses within your degree in an area of interest. Our Data and Decision Sciences major will equip you with the mathematical foundations and technical skills to capture and analyse data, develop algorithms, and apply and use data-driven insights to inform critical decision-making.


Careers in data and decision science

Data and decision science is a rapidly growing field and the skills you'll gain are in high demand across a range of sectors including health, education, science, engineering, government and business. Your possible roles could include:

  • data scientist
  • decision analyst
  • logistics planner
  • business intelligence analyst
  • technical analyst
  • quantitative analyst.

Our graduates are often employed by leading local and national organisations, including: