Distributed Systems and Networking

Distributed systems are everywhere. Telecommunications, the Internet, electronic banking, peer-to-peer networks and massively multiplayer online games are all examples of distributed systems.

distributed systems and networking

Distributed systems and networking specialists ensure all components connecting to a networked computer system are able to communicate with each other, and achieve desired performance outcomes.

You can major in Distributed Systems and Networking in our:

A major enables you to specialise by completing a series of courses within your degree in an area of interest. Our Distributed Systems and Networking major enables you to focus on the design and optimisation of networks and distributed systems, including: cloud computing; advanced network technologies and large-scale networks.

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Careers in distributed systems and networking

The computer networking industry is growing rapidly, creating high demand for professionals with specialist knowledge. As a computer scientist, you could find yourself developing large-scale software systems for organisations, including: in-parallel; distributed; mobile and cloud-based environments. You could find work in technology companies, small-to-medium enterprises, and large organisations.