Food and Beverage Engineering

The Food and Beverage Engineering major explores the engineering processes behind food and beverage production in the food processing, brewing and winemaking industries.


From helping companies and producers upscale their operations to optimising their production-line processes—food and beverage engineers play a critical role in ensuring that producers are able to meet demand without compromising on quality.

Australia is one of the most food secure countries in the world, as well as a major producer and exporter of agricultural produce as unprocessed commodities (ABARES, 2020). There exists untapped opportunity for Australia to add further value to its agricultural commodities through using these to produce high quality, value-added food and beverage products. 

Our globally-recognised wine industry demonstrates how a commodity crop can be converted into a premium product that can be sold at a premium around the world. However a major barrier to Australia expanding further into production of value-added food products for both the domestic and overseas markets is the lack of skilled food and beverage engineers. 

Our Food and Beverage Engineering major addresses this key need for a food and beverage engineering degree within Australia.  It enables you to build further upon your chemical engineering knowledge and apply it in the design and application of critical industrial food and beverage processes. The technical knowledge developed in this major is essential for chemical engineers employed in the food and beverage industry.

You can major in Food and Beverage Engineering in our:

A major enables you to complete a series of courses within your degree in an area you wish to specialise in. This major provides you with engineering knowledge on food processing, brewing and wine making industries within Australia and internationally, with courses that capture the latest developments and needs of engineering in these industries. 


Careers in Food and Beverage Engineering

As a Food and Beverage Engineer, you'll work with food and beverage companies and producers to design and develop systems for production, processing, distributing, and storing food and agricultural materials. A wide range of careers are available in a variety of sectors, including:

  • food processing
  • bioprocessing
  • food safety and quality
  • ingredient manufacturing
  • machinery and equipment
  • food packaging
  • plant operations
  • instrumentation control 
  • product development
  • pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals 

Set on engineering but don’t meet the entry requirements?

We want to ensure everyone with a passion for engineering can pursue it. So if you don’t have the prerequisites to directly enter an engineering degree with us, but do have an ATAR of 70 or above, consider our engineering pathway program. Successfully completing it will guarantee you a place in your preferred Adelaide engineering degree. Find out more about the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway.