Medical Technologies

Study Medical Technologies and experience the life-changing potential of biomedical engineering. There is a growth in global demand for advanced medical equipment and devices, as populations age and health challenges evolve.

Technology plays a crucial role in the health industry, and has been instrumental in some of history’s greatest medical breakthroughs. Working in this highly rewarding field, you’ll have the opportunity to develop technologies that enhance and sustain lives all over the world—from medical imaging, to artificial organs, sensors, remote surgery, and prosthetic and bionic limbs.

Medical technologies

You can major in Medical Technologies in our:

Taking this path will give you the opportunity to study courses related to the musculoskeletal system, neurolung function, and medical instrumentation. You’ll also get first-hand experience with leading health experts in South Australia. This will help you choose a medical area of interest for your final-year honours project, in which you’ll design and build a real-life medical technology solution.

The project will provide a genuine opportunity to apply your skills in a way that changes lives. One previous group of students, for example, developed life-saving glucose monitoring technology that was easier for diabetes patients to access and use.

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Careers in medical technology

The health industry in South Australia is booming, and the need for medical-technology engineers generally is greater than ever before. Graduates can explore a wide range of career opportunities both at home and abroad. You could find yourself developing advanced technology for the medical device industry or improving diagnostic tools for health practitioners.

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