Minerals Processing

Minerals processing involves extracting and refining minerals from ore mines and converting them into higher value, high- demand products such as: iron; steel; aluminium; copper; gold; and uranium.

Minerals processing engineers look for ways to improve mining and production processes, create valuable products from waste and minimise water use. They may use chemicals and technological processes to enhance the amount of minerals extracted from ore.

minerals processing

You can major in Minerals Processing in our:

A major enables you to specialise by completing a series of courses within your degree in an area of interest. Major in Minerals Processing and you’ll explore the science and technology of extracting minerals from raw, mined material.

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Careers in minerals processing

As a minerals processing engineer you may be employed by mining and exploration companies. This could be in Australia or overseas, working on above- or underground mining sites. You might live on-site if it’s a regional location, or undertake lab- or office-based work. Potential roles may include:

  • design engineer
  • processing manager
  • metallurgist
  • technical consultant
  • chemical or laboratory specialist.

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