Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics—often referred to as “mathematics for its own sake”—is the study of abstract theories, patterns and conceptual relationships underpinning modern science, technology and our understanding of the universe.

pure mathematics

From explaining modern physics phenomena, to interpreting big data, pure mathematics is essential to scientific and technological advancement.

While pure mathematicians work with abstract and theoretical concepts; research in the field has led to ground-breaking discoveries with wide-reaching applications. For example, number theory—a branch of pure mathematics—is the basis of cryptography, used for encrypting communications, banking, e-commerce and data security. Other areas, such as geometry and analysis, have applications in areas such as quantum field theory and string theory, which form the mathematical framework we use to understand our universe.

By studying pure mathematics, you will learn to: push the boundaries; think creatively; solve complex problems; and question what is possible.

You can major in Pure Mathematics in our:

A major enables you to specialise by completing a series of courses within your degree in an area of interest. Our Pure Mathematics major will enable you to study mathematics in its purest form, delving into abstract theories and the relationships between them.

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Careers in pure mathematics

The skills you develop by studying pure mathematics, such as: problem-solving; creativity; analysis and data interpretation, can be applied to a wide range of rewarding careers. You could pursue roles, for example, in:

  • data analytics
  • investment banking
  • business and finance
  • actuarial science
  • teaching
  • technology.

You could also follow in the footsteps of many of the world’s most famous mathematicians into a research career, making discoveries that change the course of history.

Our graduates have been employed in organisations such as: