Structural Engineering

Structural engineering involves the design and analysis of major structures underpinning society including: buildings; bridges; urban infrastructure; ports and aviation facilities.

Structural engineers understand the forces that structures carry, and how these structures deform under load. Their particular focus is on the elements and materials that shape structures, hold them together and ensure their safety.

structural engineering

You can major in Structural Engineering in our:

A major enables you to specialise by completing a series of courses within your degree in an area of interest. Our Structural Engineering major offers the most structural engineering and mechanics design courses of any South Australian engineering degree. You’ll study both traditional methods and materials—such as: steel; timber; concrete; aluminium; glass and masonry—and modern technologies and materials, including composites and polymers.

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Careers in structural engineering

As a structural engineer you could find yourself planning, designing and constructing a huge range of structures, including: bridges; buildings; tunnels; roads; airports; harbours; water supply structures; dams; pipelines; sewerage treatment facilities; drainage; pollution control equipment; and coastal/port facilities.

Your career could be quite varied, as you apply knowledge of different materials; from cast iron to steel, and concrete to mudbrick. With deep knowledge of engineering principles, design codes, mathematics and physics, complemented by your creativity, you’ll be well equipped to help construct a built environment that’s safe, functional and supports the economy and society.

Set on engineering but don’t meet the entry requirements?

We want to ensure everyone with a passion for engineering can pursue it. If you don’t have the prerequisites to directly enter an engineering degree, but attained a Selection Rank of 70 or above and completed SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods (or equivalent), consider our engineering pathway program. Successfully completing it will guarantee you a place in your preferred Adelaide engineering degree. Find out more about the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway.