Petroleum Engineering

The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources' industry-focused degrees will give you the practical experience and insight to build a rewarding career in petroleum engineering, geosciences and management.

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In any life choice there's two main decision makers: your head and your heart. It's no different as you decide what, and where, you'll study.

At the University of Adelaide, you can satisfy your head AND heart. 
Have it all. HERE and NOW.

Here at the Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources you will learn from experienced industry professionals, widely recognised for their quality teaching; and study a modern, industry-designed curricula.

You will be well-equipped to help satisfy the significant global demand for qualified petroleum engineering graduates—and pursue a stimulating career in one of engineering's highest-paid fields.

Study petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineering is the practical application of physics, mathematics, engineering and economic principles to the recovery of petroleum. It is one of the highest paid fields of engineering, and there is significant demand for highly-qualified graduates.

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Open Day 2020 has gone virtual, bringing all of the action to the comfort of your home. With a brand new customised Open Day platform, users can attend talks, live chat with staff and academics, and view campus tours with the click of a button.

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"I was able to learn what potential the world could offer.

I was given the skills and foundation to pursue the opportunities that my passions were driving me to explore."

Brett Jenkins
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum and Mechanical)