Defence Technology

Study a Bachelor of Technology (Defence Industries) at the University of Adelaide.

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Manage cutting edge tech for a more secure world

South Australia’s defence industry is growing—and so is its demand for unique expertise. With many big projects in the pipeline, defence-related organisations are calling for specialists who can communicate defence-tech engineering ideas to everyone from on-the-ground operational personnel to potential commercial partners.

Technology Defence Industries

Develop in-demand skills

In addition to gaining a broad understanding of the foundations of technology, including computing, information, mathematics, and the natural and physical sciences —you’ll develop skills in evaluating and using:

  • engineering methods, tools and processes in real-world defence-related contexts
  • systems-thinking principles to manage and develop well-structured and maintainable defence technology solutions
  • AI and automation technologies (Industry 4.0)
  • data analytics and cyber security applications
  • mechatronics and electrical principles
  • advanced critical thinking and interpersonal communication.
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Up to 760 hours of work-based training

With multiple internship opportunities providing up to 760 hours of work-based training and experience, the Bachelor of Technology (Defence Industries) at Adelaide will equip you to step-up and be prepared for a job in the defence sector.

Your future career could see you supporting defence-related technology development and management anywhere in the world, from advanced radar equipment research and development to submarine fitouts to Helicopter Dock ship upgrades and Joint Strike Fighter support.

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