Information for Students

Women studying at the University of Adelaide enrolled in any Science degree or any Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science or Architecture degree from 2nd year onwards are eligible to apply.

The Women in STEM Careers (WiSC) program is a competitive process and therefore you will be required to submit an application. We will ask a range of questions about why you would like to be part of the program, what you want to achieve in the program and ask you to demonstrate your ability to commit to each session. 

Applications for the 2021 program are now closed. We will reopen for applications in February 2022. 

  • Program

    The WiSC program is a series of workshops, lectures, panel sessions, practical sessions and industry networking activities that is run over the course of a year, beginning in March of each year. Students who are accepted to the program will be required to attend the core components of the program and will have opportunities to attend other workshops and meetings if they feel it fits with their schedule and their interest.

    The program starts with personal development sessions around emotional intelligence, strengths, resilience and self-awareness. Leading onto professional development with workshops on developing your online brand, writing applications, learning how to interview well, and learning from industry via networking.

  • Benefits

    You will: 

    • Become part of a community of like-minded women across Science and Engineering Computer and Mathematical Sciences. 
    • Receive life-changing personal development sessions that will benefit you both professionally and personally in your everyday life. These workshops will help you establish what your barriers are to success and helping you break them down to achieve your best.
    • Have several opportunities to meet with industry partners that will give you insights into what industry and hiring managers are looking for in their graduates and employees, and how to best position yourself for working life.
    • Gain insight into the job market before you graduate. 
    • Gain practical skills and knowledge around interview techniques, resume writing and your online brand.
    • Gain many new contacts both within the University and in industry. 
  • Testimonials

    Lara Downing

    Lara Downing

    Lara Downing: Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience)

    My decision to apply was easy. I’m nearing the end of my degree and will soon be in the workforce possibly facing challenges in my chosen industry (geology, mining) because I’m a woman.

    I would recommend this 100% to any women in STEM. Whether you’re just starting uni or about to finish, it’s an amazing program that helps ease the insecurity you feel about your path. I guarantee you will feel more excited and more confident about your bright future in STEM!

    It’s an exciting time to be a woman in STEM, and with opportunities like WiSC program I feel even more excited, and inspired, about my future.

    Kendall Jenner

    Kendall Jenner

    Kendall Jenner - High Performance Computational Physics (Honours)

    I applied to the program because I wanted the opportunity to make myself more employable and job ready. Through the program I gained confidence in networking and learnt about my strengths and how to use them effectively. This will help me approach networking opportunities and job interviews with confidence and I will have many tips and techniques up my sleeve to highlight my strengths to possible employers.

    I highly recommend this program to other women as it is a great way to learn about yourself and to learn how to become more employable and confident in yourself to pursue what you love in an industry that is currently dominated by men.

    Eilidh Cassidy 

    Eilidh Cassidy

    Eilidh Cassidy - Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience)

    As I entered my third year of my undergraduate, the reality of potentially entering the workforce sent my heart racing. So I guess you could say the WiSC program was advertised at the perfect time. 

    It was quickly becoming apparent that good grades alone were not enough to score my dream job, but that’s where WiSC program helped me. After 6 months in the program I was able to successfully network with industry professionals in my field, my resume had never looked so good and I could navigate my way through LinkedIn to ensure I was the first to hear about any vacation or graduate positions released. 

    By undertaking this program I feel like I gained the confidence I needed to successfully enter the workforce, which led me directly into my dream job! I strongly advise anyone who has the chance to apply to jump at the chance. 

    I am a stronger, more confident version of myself because of this program and hope that future students can benefit from it in the same way I did.

    Emily Hack 

    I applied for the WiSC Program to gain a greater insight into the skills that I can be developing today to ensure that I am a force to reckon with in the future. This program did not disappoint. Not only was I able to learn practical skills applicable to making myself employable and a networking wonder, I also developed an understanding of myself. 

    Connecting with women in industry and my peers helped give me a sense of belonging and reignited the flame of enthusiasm in me. This is where I feel the STEM industry could make the greatest impact on supporting women in their workforce. Programs like this set the tone for our careers. I am far less daunted now about entering the workforce knowing that there is an army of incredible women who have been there and done that. The comfort associated with knowing that I am not alone in my experiences cannot be understated, if every woman in STEM could experience the same thing then our future workplaces would be filled with enthusiastic and passionate people.

    Laura Easton

    Laura Easton

    Laura Easton - Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience)

    I applied for the WiSC program as I wanted to equip myself with the tools to best prepare myself for graduate program applications in the resources industry. These programs are extremely competitive and I wanted to ensure my success. I also saw the program as a great opportunity to meet other like-minded women from around the university and to build a network with these women.  

    The program set out to develop and enhance the personal and professional skills of women studying STEM at the University of Adelaide. For me, the program 100% delivered. I have gained the confidence to successfully sell my personality, skills and abilities to an employer. I could not have done this 12 months ago.  My C.V and cover letter have vastly improved, whilst the networking sessions hosted by the program have connected me with industry professionals that will shape my future career. In short, the program was incredible and so much more valuable than I envisaged.  It was a wonderful opportunity and one that I am very thankful for.  

    I would recommend this program to anyone and would encourage all women studying STEM to apply for this program.  Everyone I know who participated has gained something positive, which is an amazing achievement for a program in its inaugural year.