Starting university with Adelaide’s Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences doesn't need to be daunting.

Here is all the important information you need to help you enrol properly!

  • Study plans

    A study plan is a roadmap for your degree. Your study plan must be followed as closely as possible. By taking each course in the order mapped out you will ensure that:

    • You will have gained the foundational knowledge for your advanced courses
    • You meet the all of the requirements of your degree
    • You finish your degree on time

    Study plans are a blueprint for achieving certain specialisations, majors, and minors within a degree.

    There are specific requirements for each degree and these requirements are found on the study plans.

    It is important to keep checking in with Ask ECMS throughout your degree if you need to change or make modifications to your study plan. Ask ECMS will help you construct a new plan and check your remaining requirements.

    Are you an international student?

    If you’re a new international student and you have been given credit you may need an adjusted study plan taking account of any credit you’ve received for previous studies, or English language course requirements. Ask ECMS will provide this for you directly to your student email.

    Are you an Engineering Pathway Program student?

    If you are undertaking the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway program, you’ll need to enrol in the courses from your engineering degree of choice while ensuring you are making up your pre-requisites. Check the study plan of your desired degree to see what you will need to enrol into.

    Please contact Ask ECMS for information.

  • Have you completed the prerequisites?

    There are two types of prerequisites:

    1. Prerequisite courses required for entry into our degrees
    2. Prerequisites for enrolment into specific courses

    1. Prerequisite courses required for entry into our degrees

    All ECMS degrees have prerequisite courses that are required upon entry. If you have not completed these prerequisites you will need to enrol into the equivalent courses under the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway program.

    Upon successful completion of these prerequisite courses, you can apply for an internal transfer into your preferred engineering degree.

    2. Prerequisites for enrolment into specific courses

    Some courses (aka subjects) have prerequisite requirements. This means you need to pass one course before enrolling into another.

    The enrolment system will sometimes allow you to enrol in courses that you have not fulfilled the prerequisites for. It is your responsibility to ensure you have fulfilled all pre-requisite requirements for the course you are enrolling into. 

    Check the prerequisites for each course using the University Course Planner.

  • Selecting electives

    There are different types of electives within degrees.  To find electives to suit your degree - you’ll need a bit of time, a broad mind and the course outlines webpage

  • Consider your study load

  • Handling common enrolment problems

    There are a number of common problems that can prevent you enrolling successfully.

  • Course information and timetabling resources

  • Ready to start enrolling?

    Have you located or received your study plan?

    Have you checked your pre-requisites?

    Do you know which courses you are planning on enrolling into?

    If you think you are ready to enrol, here’s how to get started.

  • Applying for academic credit

    If you have completed study at another university or institution, you may be able to apply for credit towards your degree.

    Please contact Ask ECMS for further information.

If you need help, just ask

Call the Enrolment Hotline for assistance on 8313 3833, or email: enrol.help@adelaide.edu.au. You can also seek help in person at Ask Adelaide, Hub Central, Level 3, North Terrace Campus.


Alternatively, you can contact Ask ECMS further information.

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